Friday, August 22, 2008

Thomas Merton Quote of the Day

"Is it any wonder that Trappist monasteries are places full of peace and contentment and joy? These men, who have none of the pleasures of the world, have all the happiness that the world is unable to find."

- The Waters of Siloe


dad said...

Hi Dan: I like your Thomas Merton quote about 'religious life' (specifically the monastic, celebate kind - there are others), but I don't know in what context you wrote this and for whom and for what reason.... please 'enlighten' your dear old Dad.... Dad

Mark said...

Aren't they happy because they brew beer?

The Dan Ward said...

And some mighty fine brew it is too... so perhaps it's not precisely correct to say they have "none of the pleasure of the world." (or maybe beer is an otherworldly pleasure?)

For Dad - I found this quote in a book by Merton and just liked the way it pointed out that the people who are chasing after wealth, fame, etc seem unable to find happiness, but these monastics tend to be quite serene and peaceful, despite (or because of?) their lack of creature comforts... other than the aforementioned beer, of course.