Friday, August 22, 2008

DaNoWriTi Update

Yeah, I haven't blogged about DaNoWriTi (Dan's Novel Writing Time) recently, 'cause there just hasn't been all that much to say. Since it's summer time and I'm only taking two classes at the moment, you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to find the time to write, but... my pace has been quite slow. I could claim that most of my writing juice goes towards my thesis research, but that's really no excuse. Writers write, ya know, so I just need to get my game on.

I'm actually really close to being finished - only another chapter or two to go. It's been such a fun story to write, and the girls are really enjoying hearing it (and they heckle me about not writing more often). But an uninterrupted hour is hard to come by.

The writing process this time has had a strange duality. Sometimes, the story comes fast and easy as I just write the logical next step, basically listening to and being led by the characters. Other times, I find myself having to make a decision between two equally valid (but quite different) approaches, either in plot or structure, and neither approach is obviously superior to the other. So, I sit and drink coffee and think about which way to go. That slows things down a bit.

It's a lot of exhausting fun as always. I'm looking forward to finishing the writing so I can begin the typing / editing - which means I get to read it again myself!

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Deb said...

I'm anxious to read it too!