Thursday, August 21, 2008

Success & Failure

I found an interesting line in a book titled "Pre-Milestone A and Early-Phase Systems Engineering: A Retrospective Review and Benefits for Future Air Force Acquisition." (Yeah, I know, just a little light reading before bed, right?). Anyway, lousy title but some pretty interesting assertions, such as:

"... programs that succeeded were those that delivered their products within a reasonable margin of the original cost and schedule baseline. Programs that failed, in the committee's view, may have delivered successful products but were well outside the reasonable expectations of the original program and were only successful in delivering products after the addition of substantial unplanned funding and a substantial extension of the original schedule." (emphasis added)

I'd say the F-22 is pretty clearly in that category of a "successful product" delivered well outside the original expectations and only after adding a lot of time and money. Or am I missing something here? This may be just the committee's view, but it sure makes sense to me.

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