Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Five Year Olds, Part III

One more comment to add to the previous discussion about Heaven being full of 5 year olds:

A 5-year-old recognizes that there is no shame in being a helper. In fact, they see it as an honor to help a grown-up cook, clean or fix something. I think there's something deep and spiritual and healthy about that perspective.

In our adult pride, we all too often bristle at the suggestion we're anything other than the boss. But when I'm in the kitchen and I call out "Who wants to be Daddy's Helper? I need someone to stir this bowl..." I can count on an enthusiastic, noisy rush of joy coming my way as fast as her two little legs can carry her.

And even though I did most of the stirring (or even held her hand while she stirred), she loves the idea that she got to help. How beautiful is that!


Anonymous said...

I do, however, remember when a friend's three-year old granddaughter was firmly into the "Cassie help" stage.

Friend: I'm going to cement the driveway, re-shingle the roof, and save the world.

Cassie: Cassie help!

My friend said that there were many times when she really wanted to say, "Please don't. It will take so-o-o much longer."

But she didn't, Cassie helped, and I am sure it all worked out.

Passante said...

Oops, Anonymous was me.