Thursday, August 28, 2008

Worst. Run. Ever.

So my half-marathon training has taken a turn for the painful. Yesterday's 5-miler (a mere 5 miles!) just about killed me. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep, maybe I was dehydrated, or maybe I just wasn't used to running at 11:00 (instead of my usual 7am jaunts). Whatever the reason, it was rough.

For starters, I had to deal with the big 3 H's: Heat. Humidity. Hills.

Add in cramps, fatigue and repetition (I was running a 2.5 mile hilly loop, twice). Oh yes, this run had everything.

Well, everything except what was missing. Absent from the run was my running buddy Steve (still sidelined with some kind of foot injury). Also absent was any semblance of mental toughness. I actually stopped running a few times and walked. OK, more than a few times. I briefly considered how good it would be to just fall down, because then one of the nice people in the cars driving past would have to stop and help me.

But I will continue to insist it was sweat getting in my eyes, making them sting. I wasn't crying. Really, it was just sweat.


(Here's hoping the next run is smoother!)

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