Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Movie Binge

While Kim and the girls were out of town, I went on a bit of a movie binge, including seeing two movies in a theater in one day (it was a cheap theater, $3.50 per ticket). I watched:

10,000 BC
The 13th Warrior
The Good Shepherd
Tank Girl
Iron Man
Prince Caspian
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
Semi Pro

Yeah, that's a lot of movies, and I really enjoyed them all. As I've mentioned before, I generally don't take movies seriously enough to dislike them, although I didn't think 10,000 BC, The 13th Warrior and The Good Shepherd were all that terrific. But Tank Girl was even more fun than I expected, and Iron Man blew my socks off. The Matrix movies, well, they were amazing.


Gabe said...

Tank Girl? How'd that make it on your list? I guess I'm somewhat surprised you even heard of it. Its a really bizarre movie for sure.

Michelle said...

I refuse to see 10,000 BB.

We LOVE 13th warrior and watch it over and over. For the record, I dislike everything else A.B. has made, I'm not much of a Michael Crichton fan, and I know I'm supposed to dislike the movie based on the Beowulf butchery. But darn it, I still like it.

Glad you had some good down time!

The Dan Ward said...

My favorite line from 13th warrior is when the viking guy sees A.B.'s sword and says "After you die, can I give that to my daughter?"


(And yeah, Tank Girl is exactly my kind of movie!)