Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dan's Garden: RIP

Bad news - my garden died.

Yeah, pretty much the whole thing kicked the bucket. It never really recovered from my absence during a trip or two to NY. Plus, we had 3 weeks without rain, which certainly didn't help. And, it turns out I'm not a very attentive gardener, which is probably the main problem. I'd water it periodically - say, every other day or so - but probably not long enough or often enough. Sigh.

There are a few sad looking little cucumbers trying to hang in there, and a couple beans. But the zucchini and squash plants just seem to have given up.

The carrots are sorta hanging in there, as far as you can tell with carrots. I'll have to go out and see what I can harvest of them. And we did have several good meals with the beans, carrots, cucumbers and a couple zucchinis earlier in the season. But it looks like overall, we'll have to chalk this little experiment up as a learning experience. Better luck next time, eh?

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