Friday, September 26, 2008

Politics & Personality

I think a politician’s personality has a huge impact on their ability to get stuff done. 

Let me go even further and say I'm pretty sure personality is how politicians get things done. Not on the basis of their knowledge, certainly not on the basis of their processes and procedures. I suspect it all comes down to personality.

I also think having a sense of humor is critical in order to be effective at almost anything (and a sense of humor is also an indication of intelligence). So, which candidate has a personality conducive to getting stuff done (recognizing there are many types of personalities that can "get stuff done")? Which has demonstrated the best sense of humor?

I write a lot of these posts a few days in advance, then set them to publish one day at a time, at 7am. So I didn't know about the whole "suspend my campaign" decision when I wrote this... nor did I know that this many days into the financial meltdown we still would not have heard from Sen McCain about his ideas on what to do... nor did I know he would threaten to not participate in tonight's debate... 

I think I've figured out who I'm going to vote for.

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Tori said...

welcome to the club!