Monday, September 8, 2008

My I*N*T*E*N*S*E Mornings

I noticed a curious pattern the other day. Most of the products I interact with each morning seem to be some combination of Ultra, Max, Mega, Super or Xtreme (there's even one labeled "Mega X-treme" - yikes!)

It made me wonder... do I perhaps naturally gravitate towards this kind of intensity, or did I buy these products because I had a coupon? Do coupons tend to go along with Maxed-out MegaUltraGoodness? Clearly, more research is called for.

Naturally, I immediately whipped out my handy-dandy, oh-so-fuzzy camera phone and snapped up the evidence to share with all my faithful readers (Hi mom!). 

I wonder - does your day start out with this much intensity? And how much Power does that PowerStripe(tm) really contain?

Well, at least something around here is "regular."


Deb said...

I must admit, I don't start my day off with such an Maxedoutultrapower, maybe I should start in order to keep up with all these kids!!!

The Dan Ward said...

Glad you enjoyed it! It was a fun post to do (but didn't come anywhere close to your magical ability with a camera - man you take some good shots!)

Deb said...

Thanks.....and you sure write good stories!! :)

Eileen said...

hahahaha, HI, my dear son! :)
I love all your postings! I'm wishing you an off-the-chart morning!