Thursday, September 25, 2008

Movie Recommendations?

Kim is heading out to Texas next week, for the annual MOPS convention. That means it’s time for me to watch some movies, and you get to help nominate titles for the list. 

I’m looking for Guy Movies - you know, action/adventure films and silly/cheesy comedies... the kinds of stuff Kim wouldn’t be interested in. Stuff like Mr. Bean and Transformers. No chick-flicks allowed!

Any suggestions?


Kim said...

Have you seen Super Troopers? Very stupid, but makes me laugh.

The Dan Ward said...

Ooh, I haven't seen it - it might be just the right level of stupid/funny (and definitely not a Kim movie).

I should also point out that my lovely wife has excellent taste in films and actually likes a lot of sci-fi & "guy-movies." She digs Stargate, Firefly, Spiderman... it's actually pretty hard to find movies to watch when she's away, 'cause she likes so many of the same movies I like. Thus, my request.

spetes said...

Hi Dan
I always like to watch Mars Attacks. Never Fails to make me laugh. Have fun

Michelle said...

I like a lot of those too, so if I'm not around Ken watches the really awful, poorly written stuff I won't see with him. Then he says, "Yeah, that was bad."

Idiocracy - warning, will make you want to run out and have more kids to save the world
Iron Man (Ken's recommendation)
Gosh, I just realized I haven't seen many movies lately.