Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Got The Power!

Thanks to the tail end of Hurricane Ike, we just wrapped up 48 hours with no electricity - whew, what a relief to have lights on again!

And as exhausting, frustrating and uncomfortable as it was, I have to say it was actually a positive experience overall. Sure, once the power went out, a large number of household chores went from easy to virtually impossible (laundry, anyone?). But, we got to spend some time with our neighbor He has a generator and let us plug in our fridge, and we have a grill so we cooked burgers and had dinner together. That was really fun. And I think we all developed a whole new appreciation for things like warm showers and overhead lights (not to mention email). For about an hour after my first shower in 2 days, I kept thinking "Wow, I feel clean. How nice that is."

We lost several large limbs from a couple trees and spent a good chunk of a day sawing & hauling (thus the "exhausting" part), but we actually got off pretty easy. No damage to the house, minimal food loss (thanks to the neighbor), and no water shortages. Plus, the weather was a friendly 60-65 for most of the time. And a couple kids with a pickup truck and a trailer came by and offered to haul away the tree limbs the same day. Not bad!

(and if you're wondering how I managed to do the previous days' blog posts... I cheated and had them all set up to post at 7am each day...)

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Mark said...

Wow, I didn't realize you guys got hit that hard. Glad to hear everything is back online!

But oh, the irony! Your "Energy" post was posted at a time when you were in the dark!

More to say on that elsewhere...