Monday, September 1, 2008

The Flip Flop Lock: Only $19.95!

I was walking down the stairwell at school the other day and saw that someone had locked up a pair of flip-flops with a bike lock. I just about burst out laughing and had to take a photo (using my handy-dandy, ever-present and oh-so-fuzzy & dark camera phone).


Mark said...


Is it just me, or is the lock only going through the right flop? (or is that the flip?)

I guess the owner is pretty sure no one would steal only *one* used flip-flop, but apparently there is a pretty big risk that someone would steal *both* used flip-flops.

Or maybe it would have just taken too much time to thread the cable through both - now that would have just been a silly waste of time and energy, wouldn't it?

Gabe said...

HAHAHAH! That's the funniest act of randomness I've seen! Dude, I would have been on the floor rolling.

So somebody at school is walking around bare footed!

Holy cow that is funny!