Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boomer Sisters Update!

Big news from the world of The Boomer Sisters!

The fourth book in the series, The Boomer Sisters And The Pirates of Lake Champlain, is now complete and ready for sale! It's got adventure. It's got peril. It's got pirates. And not to give too much away, Champy (the local lake monster) makes a little cameo appearance near the end... sorta. Follow the link above to read a preview and order your own copy!

Also, I'm expanding out into Boomer Sisters Merchandise a bit, and proudly announce The Boomer Sisters Coloring Book! It features artwork by the talented Mandy Hoelmer, as seen in all four books.

Of course, all the books are still available at Rogue Press, just in time for your holiday shopping!


Kimmer said...

Great, Dan! Did you already plan on doing a coloring book, or did you follow my suggestion (being the genius younger sister that I am)?

I sure hope that you're not stopping with #4.

Tori said...

Congrats! Now you can take ... time off for the holidays??

Eileen said...

A Coloring book, what a good idea! Congrats Dan! I can't wait to read #4!