Friday, December 12, 2008


Came across a great question on Summer Pierre's blog. She was writing about being an artist with a day job (i.e. a real artist, with a real life), and almost in passing she tossed out a brilliant, arresting question:

What do I like being good at?

The question is not "What am I good at?" but "What do I like being good at?" It acknowledges the possibility that a person might be good at something, but not like it. I think it's a particularly insightful question. 

What do you like being good at?


JafaBrit's Art said...

hum, that is a good question, I mean the most obvious one is art, but I like being good at being a mother. Having a good relationship with my children is the most precious thing in the world and not something I take for granted.

Lisa Mikulski said...

Hey Dan,
Excellent and thought provoking question! I too can say I like being a good mom... but it's almost unfair to claim credit here because my 2 sons are just wonderful and allow me to excel in ways I never imagined (I totally lucked out in the kid department)

I like being good at design. And I guess I could say I like being good at writing, although I struggle with it.

This type of question really makes us think about those things which provide us with happiness... it's a nice feeling :)