Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lovely Yellow Springs OH

We got to spend some time in Yellow Springs, OH over the weekend. It was fantastic. I would like to go there every day.

I'm sure part of the charm is that we never quite have enough time there. Yellow Springs always leaves us wanting more. But we got some Christmas shopping done, I found some fantastic, warm, soft fingerless gloves for my beautiful bride (an early, non-surprise gift), and just as we were leaving I bought some delicous hard rolls to nosh on as whe drove home (and we chuckled about the time we tried to eat lunch there and were turned away from a pizza joint because they didn't have any dishes. Only in YS!).

Even though we weren't able to stay until the big "Catch A Kiss" event at 3:07 that afternoon and be one of the 80 official kissing couples, Kim and I managed to smooch in front of several "Kiss Here" signs. Like I said, Yellow Springs is a pretty cool town. 

And as previously promised, I snapped some pictures of the knitted covers for various poles in the town. I'm sad to report that my picture of the red and white cover for a stop signwas  mysteriously eaten by my handy-dandy camera phone. I'll try again next time I'm out there.

Once again, Yellow Springs left me wanting more (and someday, I hope to bump into Jafabrit in person!).


JafaBrit's Art said...

You can still send us your kiss pic and I can put it on the slide show :)

I am so glad you enjoyed your visit, but err, what's with the no dishes LOL! Yea, only in Yellow Springs.

I like the bumble bee pole shot, get to see the mural too. Oh and thanks for the shout out.

Happy hols to you and your family.

The Dan Ward said...

Yeah, the "no dishes" thing was pretty funny.

I don't actaully recall which pizza place it was (Ha Ha's, I think). It smelled AWESOME, but they turned us away at the door because their dishwasher was either broken or he didn't show up that day (it wasn't quite clear which). Since we were on the late side of lunch, they'd already used up all the clean dishes...

The Dan Ward said...

(And sadly, we didn't take any kissing pictures... Wish I'd thought of that!)

Dick Field said...

Antioch is one of those "lost in time" places you just love to step off into every now and then. I know I enjoyed my one visit there. The drive there, through rural areas, was beautiful and the town seemed to be set off on the edge of the world.

As I said before, I had only known of Yellow Springs previously from the reputation of Antioch in the 60s. It has thankfully survived that demise.

I used to go back to my campus town, Boulder, while on leave in the military during the Vietnam Era. It never seemed to change, either. Though there are traces of its colorful past still around these days, Boulder has become far more gentrified than Yellow Springs.